Human rights or no mercy?

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Blutige Wand mit Counter.

Should there really be such a thing as human rights?

In most cases yes, of course there should be, just as much as animal rights are justified.

But what about those who take the lives of innocent people during times of peace, for example the Norwegian Anders Breivik, a cold and calculating killer with no respect at all for the lives of others. Should he have any rights? Or should he be treated in the same manner as he treated those he “wiped out”, with no sympathy or mercy at all.

Some may say “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” but this sort of thing has been abolished in our part of the world.

The sentence he deserves is life, meaning life long imprisonment, a life in prison until the day he leaves this earth, never to cause any grief or damage again.


Any other opinions?



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